Vo Ed Schools

Keeping you ahead of the industry

At Power Source Canada, we understand that the outdoor power equipment industry is all about progress. It’s about change. That’s why we’ve partnered with Briggs and Stratton to provide you and your staff with educational training kits designed to keep you as ahead of the industry as you can be!

We have many different levels of kits to match your needs. Whether your program is brand new, and you need a starting package, or a seasoned school looking for more advanced material, Briggs & Stratton has the educational materials for you.

There are 4 levels of kits available all reasonably priced with school budgets in mind:
Basic Training Starter Kit
Provide at no charge by Briggs & Stratton.
Includes one engine, repair manuals and Instructor’s Power Point CD on basic engine theory.
Entry Level Kit
Contain 2 engines, textbooks, workbooks, basic tools and instructors’ materials.
Intermediate Level Kits
Provide additional resources to supplement the Entry Level Kits.
Advanced Level Kits
Contain engines or equipment for providing a complete in-depth program.